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About Me

I am a Child Centred Play & Filial Therapist, with a keen interest in early childhood development.  Before training as a therapist I have worked for many years with children and families in education and nursery settings, which is where my passion for understanding family dynamics and relationships began.  Both my professional and personal life journey has influenced my business, Pebble Family Therapeutic Services, to offer support to children and families with a focus on strengthening relationships.

My training has encouraged me to become a reflective person, to be able to take a step back and to see the bigger picture.  I hold strong beliefs that working holistically is key to facilitating change and to offering an alternative view on our behaviour and relationships.

As a Play Therapist, and my roots of training in early years, I have always been interested in children’s play development.  Sometimes finding words to explain our behaviour can be challenging, but playing things out allows us to be authentic and provides us a language without words.  Play and Filial Therapy uses a toolkit of creative activities to facilitate play and allows the child to work through difficulties in a way that comes naturally to them.

My business name, Pebble Family, came to mind when I thought about the play materials which helped me through my therapy training.  Something as simple as a small stone held a much deeper meaning to me in those moments. The pebble was an object which represented grounding, an object that reminded me to be in the here and now and not to worry about the future. The pebble was often held discreetly in my hand, or in my pocket, as a gentle reminder and connection to my therapeutic journey.  I have shared this experience to many of the children I have worked with, who have also found a sense of grounding and connection with their own pocket pebble. A small pebble may be just the thing to help guide you on a path to your better self.

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